Sarajevo Joint European Project II







     This project is funded by the Tempus programme. The Tempus programme changes in higher education through people to people cooperation and funds cooperation projects in the areas of curriculum development and innovation, teacher training, university management, and structural reforms in higher education. It puts special emphasis on the mobility of academic and administrative staff from higher education institutions, both from the EU and the partner countries.

The present project is a joint activity between the Veterinary Faculties of Milan, Porto and Sarajevo. The main objectives can be displayed in 3 main groups of activities:


1)      Keep updating teaching at the veterinary faculty of Sarajevo by improving practical training essential to the education of EU veterinarians.

2)      Improving the knowledge and teaching skills of young teachers according to EU standards.

3)     Sarajevo faculty familiarization to ECTS for future introduction of a credit system according to EU standards.


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